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“I thrive off of working with others, but in reality, every project I have worked on has become my own. It is a true love for art and visuals that keeps me going.”

hello hi

hello hi


Samuel Kenneth Grant Nicklin

I never really thought i would pursue art as much as I have. I graduated with a Music Production degree but still somehow managed to keep my feet grounded in the art world.

Working with many different people is my job, but creating visuals is my passion. These two roles cross paths on a daily basis for me, making my ‘job’ quite interesting.

My ‘style’ is broad at times, but I emphasise on opposites and contrasts. I believe life has its high highs and its low lows, and embody that motto in my work.

There is no point creating content for the sake of it. If there is an idea, a spark or even just a scribble on a napkin, I am here to help make that a reality.





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